Monday, May 12, 2008

human porcupine

is it weird that i just got a splinter in my finger while playing with my beard? is it weird that the first thing i did was write a blog post about it?

Thursday, May 8, 2008

you are now free to move about the country

priming the fuel pump, lock tumblers turning, tear down that wall, i see the light, land ho! or maybe ding.

don't get your hopes up because the land may be a mirage, in which case mutiny would ensue and that's never good. or maybe the sailor in the crow's nest has ridiculously good eyes and the land is still a million miles away, in which case mutiny still might ensue unless the boat picks up speed. or maybe the sailor in the crow's nest is an idiot and is looking at the moon, in which case that sailor would be thrown overboard allowing a tiny bit more time before mutiny would ensue. in any case, there is a good possibility we should know if mutiny will ensue after a few more days time.

i like ding best. i'll tell you later.